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Reserves are permanently CLOSED.

Reserving a Character;
To reserve, please copy and paste the form below into a comment on this entry. You may reserve up to two characters at a time (though you may only app one), and reserves last a week from the moment you make the comment.

As of December 2013, Asgard has instituted a cast cap of 25 characters. We will not cap the number of reserves, but if there are more applications submitted than available slots in an app round, apps will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any cast with more than fifteen characters will be listed on this page for convenience. The current casts exceeding 15 are:


Reserve challenges are allowed in this game. What a reserve essentially does is tell us that you intend to app. We will not judge an app for a character until all reserved applicants have submitted their apps, withdrawn their reserves, or the app period has ended. Thus, challenging just guarantees that your app will be looked at. A reserve does not give your app automatic preference. Also, unreserved challenge apps are allowed to be submitted up until the reserved apps are in and being processed. That means that if someone reserved Dave Strider, even if they have submitted their app, if we haven't processed it you're still welcome to submit your own challenging app. We ask that players be understanding of each other and the mods when challenges happen.

After reserving;
There's a test drive meme for those who want to get a feel of the game, so you're more than welcome to throw anyone you're thinking of applying for there! A new test drive meme will go up on the last Sunday of every month Also, feel free to join the AIM chat at asgardchat or friend the mod plurk at assguardians. We love to have some community excitement right from the get go! Once you're all geared up and ready to apply, you can head on over to the Applications Page.